Mar 7, 2012

Blangkon and Tumpeng for Excel's "Khitanan" Day

This one is a cupcake set of 6 for my hubby's colleagues' son for his "khitanan" day... It was ordered from my hubby at the same day when I decided to gave a gift for Alvin, so the base cupcakes are the same, but with a slightly different design on top of them. Here I fully covered the top of the cupcakes with fondant, and I chose yellow and brown for the theme... Here are the pictures

I did enjoy making the "blangkon" and "nasi tumpeng"... "blangkon" itself is a traditional javanese cap, with it's unique shape and using batik for the fabric material... I was using brown fondant, and use brown and black color icing pen to give the batik accent on it...
"nasi tumpeng" is an Indonesian dish, a big cone-shape yellow turmeric rice, with lots of side dish around it...

the "Blangkon"
the "Nasi Tumpeng"
My hubby said, his colleague and sons really love the cupcakes... Feel so relieved, hehe...

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